Medacta® International SA has developed a Corporate Compliance Program (“Compliance Program”) that is aimed at meeting the Global Principles of Compliance in the countries where Medacta® conducts business. Our written policies and procedures are comprehensive and expected to be strictly followed by all Medacta employees and independent agents. 

Medacta’s Compliance Program is regularly monitored and updated based on changes in laws, codes of ethics, guidelines, and the results of day-to-day compliance activities. As a European company, Medacta’s Compliance Program is based on the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics. Country specific codes or laws, such as the AdvaMed Code and Physician Financial Transparency Reports (Sunshine Act) in the USA, govern Medacta’s Compliance Policies locally. Where no country specific codes are present, the MedTech Europe Code will be the standard followed. 

Medacta has designated a Corporate Compliance Officer who is the primary contact person for any compliance related matter and responsible for maintenance of the Compliance Program worldwide. Medacta has instituted a Compliance Committee to assist the Compliance Officer with decisions aimed at respecting Compliance Program guidelines. In each market, Medacta has designated a Compliance Officer to manage compliance activities and, if necessary, implement country specific policies and procedures overseen by a Compliance Committee.

Medacta routinely trains employees and independent agents on the Compliance Program, including country specific codes of ethics and local laws. The company has implemented an investigation, monitoring and auditing process aimed at reinforcing the Program and addressing any potential violation of the Compliance Program.



Medacta® USA Code of Conduct



To the best of its knowledge, information, and belief, and based upon a good faith understanding of the statutory requirements, Medacta hereby declares that it has established and is, in all material respects, operating in compliance with a Comprehensive Compliance Program ("CCP") that satisfies the requirements of Cal. Health and Safety Code §§ 119400-119402. This declaration is made as of April 14, 2020.

A copy of Medacta USA’s Compliance Program is available on the Compliance Section of the company’s website To receive a copy of the Corporate Compliance Program or to report any compliance concern, question, or anonymously report a potential violation, please call our confidential compliance hotline at +1 (800) 901-7836 or complete the form below.



Medacta USA Position Statement on Physician Owned Distributorships (PDF)

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To anonymously report a compliance concern or potential violation, ask a compliance related question, or request a copy of our Medacta USA’s Compliance Program, please call our confidential compliancehotline at +1 (800) 901-7836 or complete the form below.

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